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Sleep Disorders

Learn all about sleep disorders and how they can effect your health and well being.


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Sleep Studies

Learn about what is involved in a sleep study and how it may benefit you.

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Ontario Telehealth Network

The future of medicine is here, virtual health care. Through Ontario Telemedicine Network, our sleep medicine physicians are able to consult with patients through a video conference visit. This will allow for expedited patient care, treatment and education through one on one clinical appointments with a sleep specialist and an onsite Registered Polysomnographic Technologist to assist you with your eConsult.

With a combined approach of eConsults and in person clinical visits, our sleep physicians will be able to provide all of our patients with complete and comprehensive care and treatment options.

How is OTN Making a Difference in Ontario?

Our programs and services were developed with providers and partners in every part of Ontario’s health care system. The result? Improved access to care, more efficient delivery and more effective collaboration between providers.

This solid foundation has allowed us to rapidly develop and deploy real-world solutions that are aligned with Ontario’s best practices.

Like Telehomecare, which means CHF (congestive heart failure) and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients can be monitored and coached in their homes and, along with their caregivers, can actively engage in managing their own health. This is just one of the ways OTN is making a difference in Ontario.

For patients who do not wish to utilize OTN, routine in person appointments will continue to be regularly available.

For more information regarding OTN please refer to their website www.otn.ca