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Nox Medical Diagnostic Equipment

As part of our goal to provide the highest quality patient care, we are excited to announce our upgrade to Nox Medical’s cutting edge diagnostic equipment. This is the next generation in sleep diagnostics and first of it’s kind in North America. We currently have three Nox systems and will continue to implement more devices.

Nox system employs wifi technology to transmit the signals to the technologist, thereby reducing the number of straps and cables adhered to the patient. Along with it’s compact and lightweight design, the Nox system greatly increases patient mobility and comfort.

Unique Ergonomics & Unmatched Simplicity

The unique ergonomics that were introduced with the A1 head cable increase study robustness and save time during hook-up. The patients feel more comfortable and sleep better.

Increased Robustness & Supreme Signal Quality

The extremely high sampling rate of 256 kHz, continuous impedance control, and automatic reference adjustment all build a foundation for minimizing lost studies due to electrodes falling off or unsatisfactory signal quality.

Wireless Sensors & Unlimited Possibilities

The Nox T3 System uses Bluetooth® technology to create a wireless body area network to maximize patient comfort. This saves time during patient hook-up, increases patient comfort, and saves cleaning cost.

Tablet Application & Mobile Flexibility

Use the Noxturnal tablet app to set up recorders, perform bio-calibration and impedance checks next to the patient. This Android app introduces new flexibility which increases comfort for technicians and patients.

For more insight into this technology and system, visit them at www.noxmedical.com.