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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Sleep Study Test

What is a Sleep Lab?

A Sleep Lab is a specialized facility that is dedicated to diagnosing and treating sleep disorders affecting the young and old. Our Sleep Clinic is registered with the Assistive Devices Program, Ministry of Health.

What does an overnight sleep study involve?

Your overnight test monitors and collects the following data: EEG (brain wave activity), ECG (heart activity), eye, leg and chest movements, airflow, blood oxygen levels and more. All are stored on a computer for future scoring, analysis, interpretation and diagnosis by our Registered Technologists and Sleep Specialist Doctors.

How is this data collected?

Gold-plated electrodes and other sensors are applied to various parts of the face, head and body using hypo-allergenic tapes and pastes.

How can I sleep with all these wires on me?

Patients get accustomed to the electrodes and wires quite soon after their application. You may be aware of them initially, but your body ignores the apparatus fairly quickly. All bedrooms are private with double beds. Magazines are available for patient use before bedtime.

What time does the test start and end?

All patients are scheduled to arrive at the Sleep Clinic at 8:15 p.m. After electrode and sensor application, Lights Off (bedtime) is around 10:30 p.m. and Lights On (wake-up) is around 5:30 a.m.

What To Expect

Please note: ARRIVAL TIME: 8:15pm and BEDTIME: from 10 to 11 pm.

WAKE UP: 5:30am and DEPARTURE: 6 am.

What should I bring with me during the test?

You should bring your pajamas, regular nighttime medication, personal bedding and pillows are not permitted, reading material, toothbrush, etc.

Can I go straight to work from the Sleep Clinic?

As soon as your sleep study is complete, you are able to leave. We have shower facilities for patient use. Please bring your own towel.

What happens if I cannot sleep during the sleep study?

You are not expected to sleep the entire study period time; however, if you experience difficulty initiating sleep, you can self-administer any sleep medication (or even Gravol) that you have brought with you to the Sleep Clinic. You will not be allowed to take medications too late so that you are safe to leave in the morning.

What should I do on the day of the test? What about medications that I usually take?

Follow your usual daily routine. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Take your medication as usual.

When will I know the results of the sleep study?

An office appointment is booked to discuss the results and future treatment according to the diagnosis. The scoring of the study results is a meticulous, labour-intensive process that is done manually by our Sleep Technologists.

Will I be alone in the Sleep Lab?

No, the technologist remains overnight monitoring patients through the computer collection and by audio and video. Technologists may enter the room during the study if they determine some sensors require adjustment or replacement. You will stay in a private room.

Tests are carried out for up to three to nine patients, seven nights out of the week with one attending technologist per three patients through the night.

What if I need to use the washroom at night during the study?

Alert the technician through the intercom and they will disconnect you from the cable and allow you to get up.

Who pays for the test?

Kitchener, Cambridge and London Sleep Centres conduct the sleep studies. Sleep study tests are medical procedures covered by OHIP. Patients pay for some or all of the costs associated with treatments initiated.

Can I smoke, drink or eat in the Sleep Lab?

Smoking is prohibited in all Health Care facilities. You may bring a snack if you wish, but no caffeinated beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, colas, etc.) are permitted before the sleep study.

Is another person able to stay with me during the study?

This is an individual medical test. Your escort is welcome to accompany you up until bedtime, but is unable to stay through the night. Patients requiring personal support may have those individuals stay.

Anything else I need to know?

Men should be clean shaven, as stubble can interfere with the adhesion of electrodes. Do not apply any creams to the face, chest or legs as this will also interfere with the ability of sensors to adhere. Hair should be clean and washed, with no buildup of hairspray or gel.

Where is the Sleep Clinic located?

We have three locations; Kitchener, Cambridge and London Ontario. You can click here to check out where we are located in each city.